Från FCI förslag class 3

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Från FCI förslag class 3 till de ändringar i trean som gäller från 1 januari 2021

Class 3
EX 3.1 No changes EX 3.2 No changes
EX 3.3 Heelwork (no changes, but coefficient now 4) & EX 3.4 Stand – sit – down are combined. The exercises 3.3 and 3.4 are, however, judged separately.
EX 3.5 Recall.
Two positions out of three (stand-sit-down). The judge decides the positions and their order for the competition. Voice commands are obligatory. Hand signal is allowed in addition on the stops.
EX 3.6 Send away with directions, down and recall
No essential changes in performance. Changes in directions for judging towards more leniency.
EX 3.7 Directed retrieve
No circle, no cone. An imaginary line between two markers or cones (clearly visible to handler) 10 metres from starting point (and from middle dumbbell). The dog is stopped after 10 meters. Then handler is told which dumbbell should be retrieved. Also the middle-one possible.
EX 3.8 Send round a group of cones, stop (stand/sit/down), retrieve and jump The cone is replaced with a group of cones (3-6), height 40-50 cm and diameter 70-80 cm or a corresponding barrel.
Starting point 5-7 m from hurdle/jump (handler’s choice), dumbbells 6 metres from jumps. Max height for hurdle/jump is 60 cm.
EX 3.9 No changes EX 3.10 No changes

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